I envisioned creating a multimedia platform where I could start with writing and build audio and video content on top of that. The video will never be “necessary” to fully experience the content, but nothing is real unless it’s on YouTube. And the last time I checked, YouTube is still a video platform.

So, now the Escape Pod is a reality. No politics. No pandemic. Just the music, movies, TV, and video games that help me escape from all the horror and conflict of real life.

Celebrate Life With Music… AND MORE!

Coming soon, you can subscribe on Apple, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts. You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel or find all the content at mpomy.com.


Mike Pomerantz (MPOMY) is, in no particular order, a political news junkie, an attorney, a writer, a musician, a progressive, a parent, and a husband. He spent over twenty years practicing law in and around the City of Philadelphia as a civil litigator and trial attorney. In 2018 he began to consult on tech projects in cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.


Mobile Music Apps

Two apps that allow arranging or mixing of pre-existing musical elements leads to a discussion of originality and composition. Only in the Escape Pod can you connect dots like this! Launchpad: https://ampifymusic.com/launchpad/ Incredibox: https://www.incredibox.com/


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